Survey Junkie – Make Money by Taking Surveys

Generally, we talk about ways to make a living wage or at least one equivalent to a part time job, but today we are talking about paid surveys, and how individuals can make a bit of extra money with a bit of effort, that can pay for a few cups of coffee and bagels. Taking surveys for money is something with which many people are unfamiliar, but it is a viable option for those who would like to make small chunk of change. There are many companies which offer members paid survey opportunities, but in this entry we will be covering a specific firm, namely Survey Junkie.

Before we begin, it is important to point out that if you are going to consider joining a paid survey site that you keep one very important thing in mind: No legitimate survey company will charge you a monthly fee or charge you any kind of fee for joining, or keeping an active membership.

Survey Junkie Review

Like other legitimate paid survey companies Survey Junkie does not charge any type of fee for using their service—becoming a member is free, but does require some time to sign up and complete your profile, which is an important part of the process.

Signing up is easy; by submitting your name and email, and verifying your email address through the initial sing-up email gets you started. Once you have a verified account, the next step is to complete your profile which allows Survey Junkie to match you with current and future survey panels. The completion of the profile is very important so make sure that you review every question, and answer it as completely and accurately as possible. The more detailed your profile, the more chances you will have of being matched with a survey panel.

Once you have signed up and completed your profile Survey Junkie will begin matching you with surveys and sending you notifications through email. The only down-side with this process (and with any survey site) is that there will be a lot of emails, so you may need to set up a separate email account for this purpose only. It is also important to note that Survey Junkie does not require members to meet any kind of quota, so you can choose to join as many or as few survey panels as you like.

Similar to other paid survey sites, Survey Junkie pays its members on a monthly basis either through Paypal, or direct deposit (once the payment threshold has been met).

If you have the patience to fill out the member profile completely, and have the time to spare during your day to answer some questions then Survey Junkie is a neat way to earn enough money for a movie or two, without having to gout out of your way to do anything out of the ordinary, and best of all, you can do it on your own time.

Make Money by Tutoring

Tutoring has been around since (probably) the dawn of time—whether it is tutoring someone in the ways of live in the savanna or tutoring a student in mathematics, teaching youngsters about important aspects of life has been around. But since you will most likely have a hard time finding someone in need of hunting animals with spears, let us focus on more likely fields of study in which students may need some extra help. Most commonly, students seek help outside of the home in the fields of mathematics and science, but the language arts also. So what does a tutor do, and what kind of skills are required in order to work as a tutor? And most importantly, how does one go about finding a tutoring job?

A tutor is a person who coaches students in order to help them overcome difficulties in specific areas of study. For example, the most common type of tutoring occurs for mathematics. Tutors are either experts in their field of study, or have significantly more knowledge than the person whom they would be tutoring.

There are a variety of ways to go about finding tutoring jobs, including posting on school and college boards, but in today’s World, the Internet is the best place to start (for most people).

To begin, like any job search, it is important to prepare a resume highlighting your qualifications in the field in which you are looking to provide tutoring services. It is also essential to know your limits and abilities in order to select the right age- and skill-group to tutor. It will also do you well to set up a fee structure ahead of time so if you get asked, you will have an answer (the more advanced your education in the field of study in which you will be tutoring, the higher a fee you will be able to command). There are even certifications you can get to help you stand apart from others offering the same services. Once you have made these preparations it is time to start looking for clients.

Aside from contacting local schools and colleges, posting flyers, and relying on word of mouth, it is important to utilize social media (and other online presence such as a website), and tutoring job boards. Once you have reached this point, it becomes a question of making the connection with potential students and finding the right fit for both yourself and the person that you will be tutoring.

Also check out our Survey Junkie review if you are just looking to make some pocket money.

Make Money at Home by Becoming a Transcriptionist

Transcription jobs have been around for a long time, but have not been as accessible as they are now, mainly due to the advent of the Internet.

For those who are not familiar with transcription, it is the process of converting speech into written form. The spoken word can be live or recorded, but the process of transcribing the speech into an electronic text document is the same. Transcription services are most often utilized by legal, medical, and business professionals. For example, a doctor might record her notes about patients and have the speech transcribed so that she can have a digital database which is easily searchable.

Before the advent of the Internet and fast connections, transcription was a cumbersome process with the need to courier/mail tapes to transcription companies; however, nowadays, with fast Internet connections and digital recordings, it is possible for those who require transcription services to have the project completed in a matter of hours or even minutes. So how does one go about finding transcription jobs?

There are companies which facilitate the transcription process and have an existing customer-base which can help you get started right away. This is the best place to start, and potentially develop your own clients down the line with a bit of investment. There are a few companies which can be a good place to start: TranscribeMe, Rev, Tigerfish, Quicktate, and Crowdsurf. Each of these companies offer a variety of possible options for those interested in working as a transcriptionist—some specialize in specific types of transcription, and others require very little testing before getting started.

So if you are looking for a way to either supplement your income or earn a part time wage in exchange for an extremely flexible work schedule, then a transcription job might be right for you.