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The uniqueness of this syndrome is that there are blisters on the feet, buttocks, and arms, but Moondy says that their son will be fine.

Mandy Moore revealed that her son has a health-related issue. On Friday (July 28), the “Candy” singer shared a picture of her two-year-old son Gus on her Instagram stories, showing red blisters on his body, along with some information about his recently diagnosed condition.

This cute boy woke up with madness on Saturday morning. We thought it might be an eczema flare-up? Poisonous bug bite? Allergic, “he captioned the photo. He explained, “This turned out to be Gianotti-Crosti syndrome, a viral rash that often affects children.” Went for immediate care. Pediatric dermatologist. Skin specialist. Pediatric dermatologist. He always keeps smiling and carries on with his day like a rockstar.”

He told me, “It turned out to be a Giannotti-Crosti syndrome, a viral rash that often affects children.” It sometimes accompanies a cold, but not with gas. It appears on the back of his legs, thighs, and arms, but nowhere else. Apart from using steroid cream and Benadryl at night, there’s nothing else to do. It can last for 6-8 weeks.”

Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome, according to the National Institute of Health, is “a rare childhood condition characterized by papular eruptions with blisters on the skin of the feet, buttocks, and arms.” As a result of this condition, wounds appear on the skin that can last for at least 10 days to several weeks, as described by Moor.

Managing this situation is strange and challenging, and sometimes you may feel very helpless (and yes, I am grateful that it’s only a skin condition causing itching). Children are resilient, and as long as they are smiling through it, we are okay. Dis is as an actress concluded her story post.

Moor’s two sons, Dave’s Frontman Teller Goldsmith and Gus, whose full name is August “Gus” Harrison, got married in 2018. Gus was born on February 20, 2021. The couple’s youngest child, Oscar “Ozzy” Benet Goldsmith, was born in October 2022.

Before disappearing, you can see information about Gus’s skin condition on Moor’s Instagram story.

Mandy Moore Says Son Gus Has Rare Skin Condition Called Gianotti Crosti Syndrome

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