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A case has been filed against Liz, who is legally named Melissa Vivian Jefferson, and her production company Big Grarl Big Touring, Inc. (BBBT) for alleged harassment and creating a hostile work environment by three of her former dancers. The complaint was filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday.

The complaint also includes the name of Shirleyne Kwiggale, who is the captain of Liz’s dance team. According to a press release by the plaintiff’s lawyer, Ron Zambarno, dancers Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noel Rodriguez have accused of “sexual, religious, and racial harassment, discrimination based on disability, assault, and false imprisonment.”

Jambhrano said, “The astonishing nature of Lizzo’s behavior with her artists, as publicly stated by Lizzo, contradicts everything she claims privately. She humiliates her dancers and mistreats them in ways that are not only illegal but also entirely demoralizing.”

In the “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” dancing competition show on Amazon Prime, Lizzo allegedly forced her dancers to take part in a nude photoshoot. as participate in nude performances at red-light district clubs in Amsterdam and touch nude performers under pressure.

The dancers also claim that Lizzo “deceived” them into going to a nude cabaret bar, stating that she had concealed details about the program they were participating in.

The allegation against the BBTV management by the dancer includes discrimination against dark-skinned members in both salary and treatment.Davis added that Liz and her group had made disparaging remarks about his weight increase. According to the press release, the dancers accused Quigley of promoting Christianity on the set and engaging in pre-marital sexual relationships, while she shared her masturbation habits and sexual life with her husband. They also accused her of spreading a dancer’s virginity through interviews and social media.

Davis and Williams say they were fired, while Rodriguez reportedly resigned amidst a hostile work environment.

She claimed that Lizzo aggressively approached her, had her fingers in her face, and was attempting to fight her when Rodriguez resigned. like, she had intentions of like, hitting her in the face, like, she wanted to punch her, like, really hard.”

“Truth Hurts” pop star is known for her physically positive activism and self-love in enthusiastic pop music.

As of now, representatives of Lizzo, BMI, and Quigley have not responded to ABC News’ requests for comments.

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