Thu. May 16th, 2024

Today, the temperature is going above 110 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix, and 55 million Americans have been issued heat advisories. But worry not, it’s precise football time!

The 2023 Hall of Fame Game will kick off the 2023-2024 season on Thursday night, featuring a meeting between the Jets and the Browns in Cleveland (which is currently enjoying a comfortable 81-degree temperature). Does the game hold any significant meaning? Probably not. Will big-name players like Aaron Rodgers take the field? Maybe not. Does it matter to hungry NFL fans? Not a bit.

This is a hunger-inducing game – a single game to bring back the fans to the league before next week, where 16 precision games will be played between 10th August and 13th August (yes, one in Phoenix, but the State Farm Stadium, kindly note), an indoor venue.

Are you ready for kickoff? The best way to catch the game has been mentioned here.

As for NFL teams playing this week and the channels broadcasting the games, there is only one game this week. However, from next Thursday to Sunday, all teams will be testing new players (home team is in second place).

On Thursday, August 3rd, the New York Jets will be playing against the Cleveland Browns at 8:00 PM. You can watch the NFL game for free on NBC. The best way to watch any network programming for free on a big screen is to use a good HD antenna. Since the Hall of Fame Game will be broadcasted by NBC, it should be straightforward to watch. To ensure you get the most reliable signal, test the antenna at various locations in your home.

asking whether you can live stream NFL games online if you don’t have a cable subscription. Yes, there are several options available:

1.”More Sports” app: It provides access to many games, including tonight’s competition and all upcoming Sunday night matchups. You can get a free trial for seven days, and after that, it may cost $5 or $10 per month.

2.Disney+: Disney’s bundle with Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ is no longer available for a free trial. You would need to pay $13.99 per month for all three (or $19.99 per month without ads on Hulu). Including live TV in the bundle costs $70 per month ($76 without ads).

3.Hulu + Live TV: The free trial is no longer available for this service either. You’ll have to pay $70 each month.

These options should allow you to watch NFL games online without a cable subscription. Please note that availability and pricing may change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest offers from the respective providers.

YouTube TV: After a two-week trial, you can expect a monthly fee of $73. YouTube is now a home for Sunday Ticket as well, with prices ranging from $300 to $439 for the current season with existing discounts.

Sling TV: The lower-tier “Orange” plan from Dish Network will cost you $40 per month. The price rises to $55 per month when the more extensive “Blue” plan is added. The cord-cutting service no longer provides the seven-day free trial, but it does provide a 50% discount on the first month’s payment.

DirecTV Stream: Formerly known as DirecTV Now, AT&T TVNow, and AT&T TV, this streaming service, which often changes its name, will cost you $70 per month and more after the free trial option.

Regarding watching NFL games on Amazon, they have the special rights for Thursday Night Football again, but there are some caveats. Tonight’s game won’t be streamed on the service, neither will the first week of the regular season. Also, there won’t be any game on Thanksgiving, but there will be a game on Black Friday. This year, Amazon’s first match will be Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings on September 14th.

Yes, the NFL offers viewing packages for watching your favorite games. One of them is the NFL app, which allows you to stream locally broadcasted games on Sundays in your market. You have two choices if you wish to view “out of market” games

1.NFL+: Watch local and out-of-market games and (with a premium subscription) watch live replays. There is a free trial for seven days, after which you’ll be charged $30 per season (or $80 for premium).
2.NFL Sunday Ticket: YouTube has taken over from DirecTV, and they now handle the broadcasting rights for this channel. The current proposed pricing ranges from $300 to $439 for the season, with the current discount offers (including optional NFL RedZone).

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