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Ethan Slater

The real-life relationship between the wicked co-stars Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater has come with a lot of drama. Several sources have spoken to TMZ and As Weekly about the romance between Grande and Slater and the feelings of Slater’s ex-wife, Lily J.

Slater and Jay were high school sweethearts, they stayed together for 10 years, and got married in 2018. They welcomed their first child in August 2022. In November 2022, Slater shared a tribute to Jay on Instagram, and notably, for Mother’s Day 2023, Jay posted and liked a post from Grandé.

A close source related to the situation told TMZ that Grandé and Slater are intentionally avoiding the limelight because both of their ex-spouses acknowledge the fact that they have moved on with each other. Undoubtedly, Grandé is still married to Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent from Los Angeles, technically.

I understand that emotions are intense, and it is difficult to see one’s former companion move on, especially in such a public way, and his friends are trying to save him [Jay],” the source said. “However, by being composed and showing respect for their previous classmates, Ari and Ethan are attempting to advance in this new relationship.

However, Jay is devastated, the sources clarified. They told TMZ that Jay feels like “Slater has completely turned his back on his family” and that he feels “betrayed and broken.” TMZ noted that Grande and Slater’s romance began “several months ago.”

A source in As Weekly described the situation and presented a more alarming picture, stating that Slater has recently ended his relationship with JK. The informant claims that “Ethan sat Lily down and told her he wants a divorce just a few days after news about Ethan and Ariana came out.” “Lily didn’t see it coming!” refuted a close source to Grande.

Slater and Grande “had separated when they were starting to date, and this relationship is recent,” a third person claimed. It is understandable that seeing someone move forward is difficult, especially in such a public way, and they are trying to be as respectful as possible.”

Clearly, the wicked gang knew about Slater and Gomez. According to an informant, Arianna and Ethan were not discreet. They would hold hands between takes on the set. They were naughty and not hiding it.” ethan slater

Entertainment Tonight revealed earlier this week that Gomaz is having trouble understanding the dissolution of his two-year marriage to Grande.
According to a source, Dalton has been facing several difficulties after his breakup with Ariana.He has had a difficult time because he desiredto work things out. He still loves her deeply and considers her his partner, but she has moved on. Friends of Dalton are urging him to follow suit. family ethan slater

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