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In a video that Jamie Fox posted on Instagram, he expressed his emotions about being hospitalized earlier this year. In April 2023, the 55-year-old singer and actor was admitted to the hospital for an unforeseen reason. He had “an experience of medical complexity,” according to his daughter Corinne, but she didn’t go into greater detail. The reason Fox was admitted to the hospital was not made clear in his video, but he gave “many great medical people” as well as his sister DeOndra Dixon and her daughter credit for “saving his life.””

I went through something I thought I would never experience,” Fox stated in the video. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t want you to see me, despite the fact that I knew a lot of people were anxiously awaiting news. I was trying to figure out if I could conquer it while I struggled to speak.

Jamie Foxx says he ‘went to hell and back’ as he opens up about his health scareThe widely circulated rumors concerning Fox’s condition took some time to disprove

“By keeping quiet, things can sometimes spiral out of hand. Some people claimed that I was blind, yet as you can see, my eyes are fully functional. There were some bumps in the path to recovery, too, Fox said, adding that “they said I had a stroke, but I didn’t have a stroke, but I went through it – I went to hell and came back.”

But I’m returning and I can work, so I want to thank the individuals who gave me the chance to work,” an obviously moved Fox added. And I simply want to express my love for everyone and my gratitude for the affection I have received.

John Boyega, who most recently appeared in the Netflix movie “The Clone Tyron” with Fox and Teona Paris, offered Fox his support on Saturday by posting a photo of the two of them together along with a message. I wish you continued prosperity and good health for a very long time, the statement said. Nothing created to harm you will succeed.

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