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Bill Geddie, Sheri Shepherd’s friend and mentor, is remembered. During an appearance on the ABC talk show on Monday, the former co-host of “The View” paid respect to Geddie, whose passing had been reported over the weekend. Together with Barbara Walters, Geddie co-created “The View” and served as the program’s executive producer.

Shepherd claims that she “completely revolutionized my life,” since in 2007, “when she asked me to move forward, I was a single mom, divorced, doing stand-up comedy, and knew nothing about politics. She also thought that I would appeal to them in some way.

Gaddi, according to Shepherd, was “tough” on her and pushed the TV personality to develop her voice.

Didn’t I remark that I don’t know if the Earth is round or flat during my first week (on the show)? It was a mental fart, therefore I am aware that it is spherical. Bill, oh my God, I know, I said. He responded, ‘No, this is a rating, baby,’ when I said, ‘I have to go back and say something,'” Shepherd recalled.
“Sherri, if we apologized for everything, the show would be called The Apology Show, but that’s not how it works. It’s called “The View.”

Gaddi’s death was announced by “The View” in an Instagram post on Friday. There was no mention of the reason of death.

With an image of Gaddi, the program proclaimed: “She was a television pioneer and a beloved member of ‘The View’ family, having co-created the show with Barbara Walters and worked as its executive producer for 17 years.” Without Bill Gaddi, “The View” is not the same.

Additionally, Gaddi’s family issued a statement paying appreciation to the program. They said, “She was a big name in television, but at home, she was an even bigger wife and mother.”

(Note: The translation takes the name “Gaddi” to be the name of a person.)

On Friday, Shepherd said in his Instagram post that he is “completely devastated” by Gaddi’s death.

Host “Sherry” wrote, “Bill completely changed my life because he believed in me. Being seen by someone in this industry who has the ability to make you even better than you thought you could be – that was Bill Gaddi. I often spoke to him for advice and encouragement during Season 1 of #sherrishowtv. He was a mentor, a great leader, and a wonderful friend. I love you, Bill.”

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