Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Hamilton, New Zealand (AP) – Telma Enkarnacao scored a goal and assisted in another, leading Portugal to a 2-0 victory against Vietnam in the Women’s World Cup on Thursday, a win that ensured Vietnam won’t advance to the knockout stage.

In the seventh minute, Portugal took the lead through a decisive pass in Vietnam’s defensive line. Lucia Alves provided a precise cross to Enkarnacao at the top of the six-yard box for an easy finish.

Portugal still has a chance to go past the group stage, but it must defeat or tie the United States on Tuesday in order to do so. In their final game, Vietnam will take on the Netherlands.

In the 21st minute, Portugal turned the tide for Vietnam’s goal kick, took control, and advanced downfield. Enkarnecao intercepted the defenders, halted the ball for Nazareth, and the 20-year-old forward scored the second goal of the night past goalkeeper Tran Thanh, on the left side.

Portuguese coach Francisco Neto left out seven starting players after the team’s 1-0 loss to the Netherlands, including 31-year-old captain Dolores Silva and goalkeeper Ines Pereira. Enna Kerkhoven and Nadine Zahra Nazareth, both of whom lost to the Dutch, also came off the bench; both had started with a victory over Vietnam.

Approximately 6,650 fans came to the Waiheke Stadium, which has a capacity of 18,009. Most of the fans in the crowd were Vietnamese, but it was the Portuguese team that made all the noise.

Guine was a lonely bright spot for Vietnam. The Golden Star women warriors showed several dangerous attacks from the southern path, but couldn’t score a goal.

Portugal knocks Vietnam out of Women’s World Cup with 2-0 victory in group stage

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