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In the first match of the Women’s World Cup against Colombia on Tuesday, the player remained agile behind the goal. In the 78th minute, she separated from the group. Casey Fehr stepped onto the field at the age of 16 years and 26 days, becoming the youngest player to do so in a World Cup, whether men’s or women’s. casey phair

As I moved forward, I was really nervous,” said Fair, whose father is American, mother is South Korean, and upbringing was in the United States of America. Although it was frightening at first, as I moved on and kept racing around, it seemed to transform into a bus. casey phair

Before this, the record held to the late Ifeanyi Chiejine, who represented Nigeria in the 1999 Women’s World Cup at the age of 16 years, 34 days.

During the 2-0 defeat against South Korea, Fair Haar was always close to the ball, spending 17 minutes on the field and competing with Colombian players to seize possession whenever the opportunity arose. play in womens world cup

South Korea’s head coach, Colin Bell, said, “She deserved the chance to play.” “She trained really well, just like any other. I wanted to give her that experience and push her forward.”

Fair will have the next opportunity to play on Sunday when Taeguek Ladies face Morocco in Adelaide, Australia.

On 29th June 2007, Fair, who was born in South Korea, became the first multi-racial athlete to play for the South Korean senior national team, whether female or male. substitute for south korea

In a statement, Fair said, “I feel truly proud and honored to be the first mixed-race athlete for the Korean Federation.” “I appreciate you giving me this opportunity today,”

In this year’s Women’s World Cup, Fair Akmatra is not the only young star casey phair. Although both of the other 16-year-old players were born in 2006, they are still on the team. Giulia Dragoni made her debut at number 16 for Italy in a 1-0 victory against Argentina on Monday, while Sheika Scott submitted for Costa Rica in a 3-0 loss against Spain on Friday. phair becomes youngest ever

South Korea’s Casey Phair Becomes the Youngest Ever World Cup Player

There are four other players in the Women’s World Cup who are 17 years old casey phair, and among the 32 teams, there are 39 teenagers.

One of them is 18-year-old Linda Caicedo from Colombia, who scored her first World Cup goal in the 39th minute of her team’s opening match on Tuesday. She was honored with the Player of the Match award. She is now the youngest goal scorer in the tournament in Australia and New Zealand.

The crowd was quite supportive of Colombia, which made it challenging for Fair to handle while making her mark in history.

Fair stated, “I felt it was really intense during warm-up. For the first time, I had a lot of fun playing, and I intend to get acclimated to it.

a substitute for south teen casey phair becomes youngest casey phair

US-born Casey Phair Becomes the Youngest Ever World Cup Player

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