Fri. May 17th, 2024

Regarding her experience filming the Olivia Wilde-directed film Don’t Worry Darling, Kiki Layne is being candid. Layne acknowledged that many of her moments weren’t included in the finished product as the film debuted in theatres around the country.

Layne played Margaret in the movie, and she posted a photo on Instagram commemorating the movie’s debut and her on-screen partnership with Ari’el Stachel. Layne did point out that most of the scenes she filmed with Stachel wouldn’t be viewed by viewers.

The fact that I had the good fortune to meet @arielstachel is the nicest part of #DontWorryDarling. They removed us from the majority of the movie, but we are doing well in real life, she wrote in the caption of a video taken on the set.
In an apparent confirmation of their relationship, Layne included hashtags like “Got My Check,” “Got My Man,” and “Everything Happens for a Reason.”
When Stachel noticed the message, she wrote: “My love. Your brilliance is very obvious, and you are a queen. Both then and today, I was thirsty.

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