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Despite just being 25, performer Chloe Grace Moretz has established herself as a mainstay in both film and television for a number of years. Before becoming well-known for her part in the 2009 romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer,” Moretz had roles in TV series like “My Name Is Earl” and “Desperate Housewives,” which she started acting in in 2004. She achieved a new level of fame thanks to her roles in the vampire remake “Let Me In” and the superhero spoof “Kick-Ass,” both of which were released in 2010. The most recent movies she appeared in were “Tom and Jerry,” a live-action/animation comedy, and “Mother/Android,” a science fiction movie on Hulu.

Moretz, however, has struggled with the demands of being a child celebrity. 

Despite her advanced age, she has been attacked by both the general public and famous people, as she has previously discussed how Hollywood producers have sought to stifle her opinions. 

She has experienced a number of problems recently, including being attacked by the Kardashians.

Moretz has spoken more candidly in a recent interview about the challenges she encountered as a public figure growing up, and in particular about her role in the Fox animated series “Family Guy.” 

She said the following.

Chloe Grace Moretz discussed how memes about her physique affected how she felt about herself in an interview with Hunger. 

She singled out a photograph of herself where she is seen leaving a pizza shop and walking inside a hotel.

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