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Finally available is the trailer for Loki’s second season, and boy, oh boy, does it look amazing.

This could be a significant boost for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Secret Invasion concluded last week, and it’s fair to say the show didn’t perform well. Personally, I was excited about the Winter Soldier-esque thriller concept. However, what we got was a lackluster series focused on tedious conversations that led to a massive CGI fight – as you might have guessed. The season finale is now the MCU episode with the lowest rating on Rotten Tomatoes, sitting at just 7%. All the actors did a great job, it’s just a shame that the story felt so bland – and certainly, that controversial ending didn’t help. Loki’s second season seems much more promising, but some fans are criticizing Jonathan Majors’ return as Kang.”

In the beginning of this year, Majors was arrested in Manhattan, and he was accused of assault and harassment involving a 30-year-old woman. Local authorities confirmed that the woman, the victim, was treated at the hospital for “minor injuries to her head and neck.” Majors’ legal team denied the allegations and stated that they would clear the actor of all charges. The accuser later recanted her statement, while Majors’ defense attorney, Preeta Choudhary, released exchanged text messages between Majors and the accuser, claiming to support the actor’s innocence.

Following this, several other women came forward with additional allegations of misconduct. It is said that they are employed at the New York District Attorney’s office. Since then, Majors has been dropped by his talent agency and removed from the film “The Man in My Basement.” His invitation to the 2023 Met Gala was rescinded, but both the U.S. Army and Texas Rangers have reinstated their advertising campaigns featuring him.

Despite the allegations, Major’s role as Kang remains intact at MCU. The last time they were seen was in “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania,” which was released in February 2023, a month before the accusations. Kang’s presence – this time as a different variant, Victor Timely – has been featured in two trailers for the Loki season after Major’s return to MCU amid the allegations.

Previously, on Twitter, fans expressed their disdain. Even though he’s portraying a different character, Major should have been cast again, according to AJBurlap. But Kang is a role so easy for him to portray that he has no excuse not to do it again,” while ObiWan’sBestie said, “Marvel, please bring Kang back with Jonathan Majors as he’ll be fantastic.”

It is believed that Major’s involvement will span two episodes, both filmed before the accusations. Actors are currently on strike as well. The reason being, after the strike ends, Marvel might reconsider their decision or wait to see the outcome of the latest allegations. Either way, they are facing a marketing nightmare.

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