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The travelling nature of the job, according to National Football League coaches, has led to the fraternity-like atmosphere in their line of work. It applies to both head coaches and assistant coaches.

Sean McDermott has faced off against friends and mentors numerous times throughout his six seasons with Buffalo.

He has a close relationship with Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who actually let him go from that position while they were still in Philadelphia. McDermott claimed that it was the finest thing that ever happened to him since Ron Rivera, with whom he previously worked for the Eagles and who was then the head coach at Carolina, instantly hired him for the same position.

National Football League coaches claim that the job’s travel requirements have contributed to the fraternal spirit that exists in their field. Both head coaches and assistant coaches must follow this rule.

Over the course of his six seasons with Buffalo, Sean McDermott frequently squared off against mentors and friends.

He was fired from that post by Chiefs coach Andy Reid, with whom he had a strong friendship, when they were still living in Philadelphia. McDermott proclaimed it to be the best thing that had ever happened to him when Ron Rivera, with whom he had previously worked for the Eagles and who was then the head coach at Carolina, immediately hired him for the same role.

Whether or not Harbaugh and McDermott addressed those serendipitous decisions was questioned.

He laughed and added, “I don’t really remember talking about that exactly. “We’ve spoken on the phone occasionally and met up a few times at owner’s meetings. We converse about other topics, but we haven’t actually talked about our quarterback problems.

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