Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Naturally, Idina Menzel was asked to talk about everything Wicked while promoting her recently released children’s book Loud Mouse.

Menzel, who created Elphaba on Broadway and in the West End, revealed to Entertainment Weekly what tips she advised Cynthia Erivo regarding portraying the renowned green witch in the impending motion picture adaptation of the hit show.The Enchanted and Frozen star said: “I’ve congratulated her, and she sort of requested me just to be there and be a part of it. Since she doesn’t really need my assistance, I also offered to be in her ear if she wants me to and to give her some space.

“Just be sure to always remember what the entire narrative was about. It’s like not being afraid of what makes you strong and attractive, which is similar to our book. And if you adhere to that, Elphaba can count on you.”

Erivo is starting his preparations for the two-part film, which will also include Ariana Grande and Jonathan Bailey. Is it possible that Menzel will show up? That choice will undoubtedly be well-liked.

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