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Rapper Cardi B struggled with a spectator during her performance in Las Vegas after being hit with a drink by an audience member. This seems to be the latest trend of disrupting artists by throwing objects at them during concerts. The incident occurred during Cardi B’s scheduled performance at a club on Saturday. In the videos posted on social media, she was seen performing her hit “Bodak Yellow” on stage when someone in the audience threw a large cup at her, causing her to be splashed with the beverage. Initially surprised, Cardi B quickly retaliates by throwing her microphone at the person in response.

The video, which includes profanity, has been viewed over 6 million times on TikTok.

Cardi B is the latest artist whose performances have been marred by either physical attacks from the crowd or objects being thrown on stage. Bebe Rexha shared images of her injured eye after a concertgoer threw a phone at her during a performance at Pier 17 in Manhattan last month.

In the incident, the accused person Nicholas Malvagna allegedly said to a witness that he thought killing Rexa would be “humorous.” His lawyer stated that he was only hoping Rexa would take pictures on stage and toss the phone back to him.

About a week later, during a performance in Idaho, a local singer Kelsia Ballerini was struck in the face with an object while singing her song “If You Go Down (I’m Going Down Too).” After delivering the song acoustically, she walked offstage to interact with fans.

In the recent incident, I want to say that I only care about keeping everyone safe,” he said in a video shared by a fan. “So if you ever feel unsafe, please tell someone around you. Tonight, everywhere is safe.”

At the beginning of this month, during his music performance in Vienna, Harry Styles was seen in pain after getting hit by an object. It’s not clear what happened, but Styles was seen holding his head in his hands in the fan video, indicating he might have been hit while walking offstage.

This was the second time Styles got injured during his “Love On Tour” performance. Last year, he had Skittles candy thrown at him, and Skittles responded with an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times asking people not to throw candy.

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