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The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an international association football competition contested by senior women’s national teams, who are members of the international governing body of football, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). This competition has been held since 1991, four years after the Men’s FIFA World Cup, and takes place every four years, except for one year when it was inaugurated in China, known then as the FIFA Women’s World Championship. Under the current format of the tournament, national teams compete for 31 slots through a three-year qualification phase. The host country’s team automatically qualifies as the 32nd team. The tournament, known as the World Cup Finals, is played at various venues in the host country over a period of approximately one month.

Four national teams have triumphed in eight FIFA Women’s World Cup competitions. The United States has won it four times, and after their victory in the 2019 tournament in France, they are the current champions. Germany is another winner with two titles, while Japan and Norway have one each.

Six countries have hosted the Women’s World Cup. China and the United States have each hosted the tournament twice, while Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden have hosted it once.

Australia and New Zealand will be hosting the competition in 2023, making it the first edition to be held in the southern hemisphere, the first Women’s World Cup to be jointly hosted by two countries, and the first FIFA senior tournament to be held across two confederations.

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